Horizon Europe - Gender in research vs Gender Equality Plan

Gender in research vs Gender Equality Plan

17 April 2023

Taking gender-related aspects into account in research projects can appear challenging, but is vital for project results to be relevant and useful. It is also a central dimension to keep in mind when applying for funding from Horizon Europe. Luxinnovation invites you to a webinar that will clarify the notions of gender equality and gender balance and showcase how they need to be considered in project proposals and project management.

The webinar will explore the requirements for gender equality in research set by Horizon Europe and explain the concepts of “gender balance” and “gender dimension”.  We will also look into how these aspects need to be addressed in Horizon Europe proposals. 

A second focus of the webinar is the Gender Equality Plans that include a set of commitments and actions aimed at promoting gender equality in organisations through institutional and cultural change. We will outline what types of bodies are required to have Gender Equality Plans in order to be eligible for Horizon Europe funding, what they need to include, at what stage of the application process they are necessary and what resources exist that can help organisations draw them up. 

The webinar is open to any type of organisation – research centres, companies, public bodies, NGOs, associations, etc. – interested in, or already participating in, Horizon Europe projects.  

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