Brunch with coordinators

Brunch with coordinators

1 March 2024 I 11:00 - 13:30

Luxinnovation5, Avenue des Hauts Fourneaux Esch sur Alzette

The purpose of this workshop is to shed some light on the responsibilities, challenges, skills, and attributes needed to drive a collaborative project in Horizon Europe, providing participants and aspiring project leaders with first-hand testimonials from experienced Horizon Europe coordinators in a relaxed and open discussion. 

Among others, we will focus on aspects such as:
  • Going from the idea/concept to the project
  • Putting together a consortium 
  • Managing the inputs of different organizations at the proposal level 
  • Making sure that the project achieves its objectives 
  • Keeping the consortium engaged at all stages 
  • Best practices for working with underperforming partners
  • Negotiating and putting together the grant and consortium agreement 
  • Communication with the European Commission 
  • Legal and financial aspects

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📢 Seats will be limited; the participants will be selected respecting the first-come first-served principle as well as the above-mentioned target group of the workshop.